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Re-Freshen has been providing the best odor removal services in town for over 12 years. We use environmentally and pet-safe technology to get rid of odors that other companies can’t, with no cover-ups! In just one day your home or business will be smelling springtime fresh again. Trust Re-Freshen’s Certified Expertise!

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Homes everywhere can soon enjoy a healthier, more comfortable environment with our revolutionary Probiotic Fogging process. The solution for schools and daycare is proven to reduce illness by up to 50%! 

It’s also safe in hospitals or offices – so there is no need to worry about harmful chemicals being released around patients and employees. 

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Peace of Mind & Crystal Clarity

Imagine a world where your home or business always smells fresh. It does not have all those pesky odors and allergens. A place that is free of pollution with natural airflow for everyone in the building to enjoy! Re-Freshen offers this service because we know how important it can be to have a clean, breathable environment. We use our environmentally safe products with special ingredients to eliminate the problem. 


Have you ever had a smell in your house that just won't go away? We have the solution for permanently removing the odor, whether it's mold or something less serious.


Re-Freshen’s process includes air sampling, surface sampling, and bulk sample collection to accurately identify the type, amount, and extent of mold present.

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Re-Freshen's Probiotic Fogging service provides an anti-microbial fogging solution that safely reduces allergens and eliminates odors and mold.

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Questions for Chris

Ask the OG of OMG! (Odor, Mold, Germs)

No, they aren’t. But odor inspections are free.

No, we only perform mold inspections and testing.
Because we don’t perform mold remediation, there’s no conflict of interest. So our assessments are accurate as possible.