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Peace of Mind After a Sewage Disaster

Our experienced team is able to properly assess the situation and quickly apply solutions to give you the assurance you need.
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Sewage Testing

Sewage Bacteria Testing

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Testing for Safety & Health

Hazardous bacteria and other contaminants from sewage could put people in danger of serious illnesses or diseases. By ensuring the safety of your property with our advanced testing services, you can rest assured that your family and surroundings stay safe.

Sewage | Septic Bacteria Testing

Get peace of mind that hazardous bacteria and other contaminants have been identified and removed.

Flexible Scheduling Options

We coordinate with your schedule.

Test for E. Coli & Fecal Coliform

Protect you from serious illnesses and diseases by identifying and eliminating hazardous bacteria.

ATP Test Results Within Minutes

Don’t wait…Get answers fast!

Let Us Test Your Home

Eliminate the stink and improve your air quality!

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