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ATP Testing Service

Why ATP testing is important

ATP (adenosine triphosphate) testing is critical in assessing the level of cleanliness and hygiene in a particular environment. ATP is a molecule present in organic material, including human skin cells and other biological materials, which can act as an indicator of the presence of harmful microorganisms.

Testing for ATP allows for quick, accurate assessment that can be used to identify areas where there may be potential health risks due to high levels of contaminants or bacteria. This type of testing is especially useful for businesses such as restaurants, schools, and hospitals that need to ensure their premises are hygienic and safe for customers and staff.

Our ATP testing process

Re-Freshen uses specialized equipment known as luminometers that measure the amount of light emitted from a swab sample when exposed to chemicals. Initially, purified water and a detergent are used to remove any visible dirt or dust from the sample area.

Then we use a sterile swab to collect an appropriate sample size for testing. The swab is placed into the luminometer and exposed to a chemical solution containing luciferin, which produces low levels of light in response to ATP present in the sample. The luminometer then measures the amount of light emitted and converts it into an ATP reading that can be compared against established guidelines.

We use a luminometer, which is a device that detects light emitted from the reaction of an ATP with a substrate. It’s used to measure and quantify the amount of light produced in order to determine the concentration of ATP present in the sample being tested.
Yes, the luminometer used for testing is highly sensitive and can detect small amounts of light produced from the reaction, resulting in a precise result.
Yes, long-term exposure to high levels of ATP can cause damage to the body, such as neurological problems or even cancer.

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