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The first step to tackling those nasty molds starts with our reliable and fast testing.

Dust testing

Dust Testing

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Indoor Allergen Screen

mold inspection

Mold Inspections

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Why Choose Us

Accurate, Unbiased Assessments

At Re-Freshen, we don’t perform any mold remediation services, so there is no conflict of interest in our assessments. This ensures that all tests are as accurate as possible and allows us to provide you with the best results possible.

Usually Completed Within an Hour

Minimal disruption to your day.

Test Results in 24 Hours

Little wait. Get answers fast!

Flexible Scheduling Options

We coordinate with your schedule.

Industry Certified (NAMRI)

We have 15+ years experience.

Let Us Inspect Your Home

The path to peace of mind begins with our trusted mold inspection.

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