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Dust Testing

Why Dust Testing is important

Professional dust testing is critical because it provides an accurate assessment of the condition of a building. It helps us identify concentrations and types of airborne contaminants that can have serious effects on human health. It also allows for a comprehensive assessment of the safety of indoor air quality, mitigating potential risks associated with the accumulation of dust particles over time.

Our dust testing can also help to reduce the spread of diseases by identifying dangerous particulate matter, such as asbestos fibers and other hazardous materials, that would otherwise go undetected. Finally, it serves as an important tool in helping to achieve compliance with relevant government regulations related to air quality standards.

Our Dust Testing process

Re-Freshen takes samples of dust particles from a designated area and analyzes them in order to assess the level of contaminants present. During the process, we use specialized equipment such as dust collectors and sampling pumps to collect samples from the air and surfaces within a defined area.

The collected samples are then taken to a lab for analysis. In the lab, sophisticated techniques such as microscopy, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, or particle counting are employed to identify various types of airborne particles and other contaminants. Depending on the type of testing required, additional tests may also be performed to determine physical properties, chemical composition, and microbial viability. Once all the relevant data is collected and analyzed, it can provide valuable insights into the levels of hazardous materials present in an indoor environment.

Yes, we’ll provide you with a detailed report that outlines the findings of the tests.
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