Indoor Allergen Screen Testing

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Indoor Allergen Screen Testing

Why is Indoor Allergen screen testing important

It helps identify the presence of allergens in an indoor environment. This information can be useful for identifying potential health hazards and making informed decisions about preventative measures or treatment options.

Allergy-causing particles can come from a variety of sources including dust mites, pet dander, mold, and pollen. Knowing the levels of these particles in an indoor environment can help to reduce the risk of allergic reactions and other adverse health effects caused by exposure to airborne allergens.

Our Indoor Allergen Screen testing process

Re-Freahen collects samples of the air from an indoor environment and takes them to a lab. Techniques such as gas chromatography/mass spectrometry or immunoassay may be used to identify the levels of different particles in the air. The level of each allergen is then compared with accepted standards to determine if there is any cause for concern. We may also use specialized equipment and techniques to collect samples such as settling plates, impactors, spore traps, and vacuum-assisted collection methods.

Allergens we test for

A sample of dust will be taken from the area in question. This dust sample is then examined under a microscope to identify potential allergens and other contaminants.

No, you should not move or clean anything before the dust test.

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