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Mold Inspections

Why Mold Inspections are important

Some types of molds can cause health problems if they are present in large quantities or are not adequately contained. Having a professional inspect your building can help to identify any potential hazards and make informed decisions on how to remediate them.

Regular mold inspections can also help to prevent future growth or spread of existing molds by ensuring that humidity levels, moisture content, and other environmental factors are properly managed.

Our Mold Inspection process

During a professional mold inspection, Re-Freshen uses specialized tools and techniques to identify the type, amount, and extent of mold present in a building. This typically includes air sampling, surface sampling, and bulk sample collection.

We may also test for other environmental factors such as moisture content, temperature and humidity levels, or visible signs of microbial growth. Once the scope of the inspection is complete, we provide a detailed report on the findings along with any recommendations for remediation.

Typically, a complete mold inspection can take anywhere between one to two hours depending on the size and complexity of the building being inspected and area that needs to be inspected.

It is recommended that all homes be inspected for mold at least annually or whenever there is visible evidence of possible contamination or concern over potential health risks caused by excessive exposure to airborne allergens or environmental contaminants such as pollen dust mites or pet dander etc.

The report generated from your home mold inspection will consist mainly detailed information regarding any sources found inside your home that could contain elevated levels particulates, as well as recommendations on how to best reduce their respective concentrations

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