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Pet Odor Remediation

Why Pet Odor Remediation is important

Pet odor remediation is essential for maintaining a healthy and pleasant living environment. Unaddressed pet odors can seep into flooring, walls, and furniture, creating an unwelcoming atmosphere for both homeowners and guests. Moreover, these odors can be indicative of deeper issues such as mold growth or lingering moisture, which pose health risks.

Addressing pet odors promptly prevents them from becoming entrenched in the home, making them more difficult to eliminate over time. It also helps in maintaining the structural integrity of your home and ensures a clean, safe environment for both pets and their owners.

Our Pet Odor Remediation process

At Re-Freshen, we specialize in pet odor remediation for homes in transition, whether selling your property or after a tenant has moved out. Our initial step involves a precise assessment to locate sources of pet odors, specifically tailored to situations involving real estate and tenant changes.

Employing advanced probiotics, our method effectively neutralizes pet and dander odors at their microbial source, ensuring a deeper clean. This process includes treating affected carpets, upholstery, and surfaces, followed by air purification to eliminate any lingering odors. Our goal is to restore your home to a pristine, odor-free state, making it more attractive to potential buyers or new tenants.

Our service focuses on homes in transition, utilizing advanced probiotics to neutralize odors at their source. This method ensures deep cleaning and lasting freshness, making your property more appealing to buyers or new tenants.

Yes, our pet odor remediation process uses pet-friendly products that are effective at eliminating odors without posing risks to your pets. Safety is our top priority for both pets and their owners.

The duration of the pet odor remediation process depends on the extent of the odor issue and the size of the affected area. Our team works efficiently to minimize disruption and restore your home as quickly as possible.

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